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I'm Lisa! Travelholic, budding photographer

 & seeker of adventure

Having took the plunge to start my Travel and Photography blog, it's only fitting that I explain a little more about how I got here!

Now in my 40's, you could say my life is not typical for someone of my age. I live a life that is pretty much ruled by my heart, not my head. I live where my job takes me (I work in travel & hospitality), I make decisions on what I think will make me happy and I don't worry about what the future holds for me. Does that make me wise or crazy? Who knows!

Of course, I didn't always have this mind set. Like many people, I chipped away at the conformist block; I got the degree, I had the 9 to 5 office job, I rented a flat, I owned things.....I lived a life that was a far cry from my true passions. 


Then, 5 years ago I was given my wake-up call. I separated from a long-term relationship. It was an amicable but painful separation which catapulted me into a period of deep introspection as to where I was at in my life. Was I happy? Hell no! I was in a job I disliked, I lived to work, I felt so disconnected from myself..... I had to make changes.

The first couple of years that followed saw me shift my whole perception on how I should be living my life (I will be discussing this in my blogs!). I decided to move away from my full-time Marketing job and set up as self-employed. I returned to work in Travel and Hospitality after several year's break.


I began to shape a life that was more in tune with my passion for travel, exploration and wonder. I have worked in the ski industry on and off since 2002 so it was only natural I return to it as it beats sitting in an office!


Changing my life to something closer to what I desire wasn't easy, it still isn’t, and some things have come at a cost. It's been full of up's and down's, a lack of stability and consistency and at times I’ve questioned my decisions. I never know where I’m going to be or where my next job will take me but that's the fuel I need to feel alive.


Here's to making memories & capturing them.

         Lisa. x  

A Little More About Me

My life goal is to travel and be happy. Follow your heart, that knows!

My favourite hobbie is photography, did you guess?

Check out my photos here!

I learnt to Snowboard at 30 year's old on my first ski season in 2002!

Most memorable travel experience - Visiting The Golden Circle, Iceland

Some of My Happy Moments

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