How I Made A Life Out Of Travel (and how you can too)

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Making a life out of travel requires a certain mindset and commitment. Step out of your comfort zone and into a life that is more fulfilling and closer to the pursuit for happiness.

How I Made A Life Out Of Travel

Before we dive in deep, let’s talk about what travelling means to you. Let’s face it, not everybody has the thirst of wanderlust like me. Some people are happy with a holiday or a short break here and there.

Other’s have no desire to see the world and are happy with a staycation. You might have dreamed of going off grid to a retreat far away from everything. Especially right now! Whatever your preference, the question of money is seen as a determining factor in planning how and where we travel.

“If only I could do an island hop of the Greek Islands…..I wish I could take a few months out and go on an adventure….How do these travel bloggers get to visit so many countries?”

Have you had similar thoughts to these?

"Take every chance you get in life because some things only happen once". Karen Gibbs

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Well, I have some good news for you all. I have some answers (really? I hear you all say!). Yes, I really do, as money is only one factor in being able to travel more and it’s not as big a factor as you think.

In fact, the more you think outside the box, the more you will realise that there are many ways to see the world that don’t require a lot of money……..what they do require is YOU taking some risks and stepping out of your comfort zone

Are you ready to take that leap of faith?

Whilst I could document various ways to travel that don’t require pots of cash that would be highly off topic for this blog. OK………..I will name a few just to make a point. Backpacking/Budget travel, volunteering (Workaway), finding work abroad in your niche, couch surfing (see the bottom of this post for more info!)

We’re here to think about mindset to get you out there

fulfilling your dreams!

How I Made A Life Out Of Travel

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Rose Tinted Travel Spectacles

Having recently stepped into the blogosphere, I was incredibly apprehensive as to how my story would even compete with the likes of top bloggers such as Alex in Wanderland and Vicky Flip Flop Travels

I definitely don’t want to be a social media influencer (I’m not sparkly enough for that!) and I knew I wanted my story and photos to be a true representation of my travel life, not a far-fetched over edited affair like some of the accounts I see on Instagram!

Besides, I couldn’t possibly think of one colour theme for my brand and stick to it. I’m just too complex and more likened to a rainbow!


Colours of Instagram @WhatSheSeeks


My social media looks like I travel more than I do

Social media shows the highlights of our lives, like a movie trailer to entice the viewer. It’s a snapshot of our picture -perfect moments we share with our virtual audience. The best captures confidently grace our accounts creating a polished version of ourselves. An illusion where we get to choose the filter

My Travel Story

It has taken a lot of dedication to adapt my mindset and live a life that is transient and unlike a ‘typical’ 40 something’s life (what is that by the way?).

Most of my time abroad has involved working really hard in order to live somewhere beautiful. There have been a few holidays here and there and a handful of city breaks. I have never backpacked, I have never wanted too but I have volunteered abroad.

I have taken opportunities I wasn’t quite sure of but knew it was worth the risk as without risk we would never have hindsight or learn valuable lessons

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Throughout my journey, one thing has been immensely important

I work to live, not live to work

I stand by this wholeheartedly as I see so many people just treading water like they have the 9 lives of a cat. Graduating with my Degree in Geography in 2000 and subsequently trying my hand at a desk job for several years, I know this transition can take time. It’s not an overnight success and it takes a conscious decision to start living your life for you, rather than giving it an afterthought.

Life IS precious!

There really isn’t a set script to live by, and yet, I see so many people putting on hold what they really yearn from it. To pursue a life that is closer to their hearts desire

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What do we gain from travelling?

Experiencing something new, exotic and exciting makes us feel alive. That authentic meal you had in a Greek Taverna or that dazzling sunset you remember in India, they shape our lives and give us stories to recall as we grow older.

My memories have not only been shaped by where I have been but also the people I met along the way. As much as I have mastered being a hermit in recent years, I still love to be around people laughing, having fun and hearing their stories. I could write a book about the interesting characters i have met over the years! I will call it ‘Hermit Meets World’. I jest.

Travelling is a way to broaden your horizons and journey into the unknown. To challenge how you see the world and learn more about yourself

Fun times on Nikos Free Walking Tours in Athens


Reach for The Stars

It really is limitless, everything this beautiful world has to offer. I sometimes struggle to comprehend someone who doesn’t long to see it but I guess that’s because I have the travel bug, perhaps they struggle to comprehend me as well? I realised that if I was to live a more purposeful life, I couldn’t ignore my calling to travel any longer. I took some risks, sacrificed some luxury’s and took the plunge. I’ve never looked back.

You can't buy more time so spend it on what's important

You may not be as love struck on travelling as I am. Maybe you would like a new career or to start your own business? Maybe you just want to achieve a better work/life balance and enjoy the simple things in life a little more.

These changes will only come to fruition if you actively work on your mindset and commit to your happiness. It’s the same mindset I use to find a way to travel more

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It’s never too late to start afresh or improve a certain aspect of your life. I live by the analogy that age is just a number! If you take anything away from this blog, I would love it to be that you are thinking about how you can pursue your dreams.

Most things in life aren’t handed to us on a plate, they take hard work, sweat and tears. So why not put the work into creating something magical for you today? After all the only person that can create your success is YOU!!




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