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Portugal - Sunsets & Reflections. My Thought's on Life's Big Questions

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

A tranquil spot in nature and a picture perfect sunset gives us an opportunity to reflect, reset and connect with ourselves. Finding time to quieten our mind can allow us to gain insight into what nourishes our mind, body and soul. To find our true purpose in life

Photo: My feet enjoying a wonderful sunset after a day of farm work!

Serra da Estrela National Park

Portugal 2018

Blog written Summer 2018 whilst working as a Workaway volunteer in Portugal

With the sunset of each day there is time to reflect and look forward to the next one. A chance to learn from our experiences and look forward to new ones.

In every sun beam glimmers a ray of hope upon the horizon that reminds us we are the masters of our own destiny in this big, wide world.

We write the pages in our book. We choose what chapter we read next.

We are only cheating ourselves if we lose faith in our journey. Each day we have a new opportunity to take a path that makes us happy.

If we don't , then why are we doing what we're doing?

Photo: A wonderful sunset over one of the many ruins found in

Serra da Estrela National Park Portugal 2018

Sunsets hold a powerful reminder that another day has passed and a new one approaches. A chance to be mindful in our day to day lives of our goals, dreams and aspirations

Re-set the button, write that new chapter or even start with the first paragraph as everyday lived in a day without passion and purpose is not a day lived in your truth.

Here's to many more beautiful sunsets.


Want to find out more about the Serra da Estrela National Park? Click the links below!

At 1,993 metres at its highest point in Torre, Serra da Estrela is an area of rare landscape beauty, with striking mountains, glaciers lagoons, deep valleys and rivers, a rich diversity of plants, birds and flocks of sheep herded by Estrela dogs (named after the Mountain).

In winter, Serra da Estrela is the only place in Portugal where you can Ski. The natural park is excellent for trekking, horse-riding or mountain biking. It boasts 375km of marked trails of varying degrees of difficulty.

Lonely Planet Guide:

About Serra da Estrela Region:

Activities in Serra da Estrela



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