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The Birth Of What She Seeks - Journey Into The Blogosphere and how I got here!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

2020..... Boy, what a year it's been already! With a world pandemic unleashed on the planet and a time of profound uncertainty hitting humanity, I decided it was the perfect time to face procrastination head on! Now felt the right time to achieve one of my dreams, to set up my very own Travel & Photography blog and enter the Blogosphere (eek!). So, I took the plunge and created What She Seeks, a digital space to share my travel photography, personal growth and insights.

Travel & Photography Blog, creating new projects, landscape photography

Photo: Me enjoying a moment in the sunset

Serra da Estrela Mountains, Portugal 2018

As my travel plans are currently on hold due to the Covid19 restrictions, I settle into a loosely normal, daily routine as part of UK Lockdown life.

Like many people, I have found myself with ample time to reflect on life’s bigger questions. To evaluate what was important to me for my continued personal growth.

Through the use of mindfulness, daily walks in nature and journal writing, I have been able to connect with some things that were quite simply put to the back of my mind. I see it like a organising a neglected attic i've been meaning to clear out for a while!

Over the years, I have lost count of how many time's people have told me I have a keen eye for photography and that my travel tales are blog worthy.

I even worked in marketing for several years (and still do self-employed), so why was I putting off marketing what I had to offer?

Like many people, I suffer with self-doubt and conviction to realise my full potential. I've made procrastination a sport and done a great job at putting off what would ACTUALLY make me happy, often settling for the 'easy' option.

Why let your heart rule your head right?

Enjoying mountain life in the French Alps mountains

Photo: Me at a mountain bar, Chatel, France 2018. One of my favourite places to be after a hard day on the slopes! Yes, that is a coffee in my hand!

Now in my 40's and living a life that is closer to my heart (It's never to late people!). I realised that maybe my story was worth telling.

Maybe I could inspire people to achieve some of their dreams with my experiences and the way I choose to live my life.

After all, what have I got to lose?....Nothing.

So, here it is! My blog. An upfront and personal account of my journey through life's plethora of challenges, touched by amazing travel experiences and stunning personal photography.

All for your pleasure.

I hope What She Seeks inspires you to chase your dreams.



About Me

My name is Lisa and i would like to welcome you to my blog. For many year's i have been told i should create a space to share my experiences alongside images of some of the beautiful places i have been lucky enough to visit.So here it is! A collection of articles using my own personal travel photography. My life through the lense. I hope this inspires you!



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