The Camera Chronicles - Entering The World Of Photography

Updated: Jul 25

The Camera Chronicles: Taking one of your hobbies to the next level sparks a flurry of learning and excitement but how do you break the mould of old, trusty habits? Welcome to the camera chronicles, my journey to professional photography with the Sony Alpha 6400.

Before I begin this story, lets rewind 10 years (ish!). I’m working in a ski resort in the French Alp’s. The scenery is majestic and awe inspiring with an abundance of photo opportunities.

I begin to actively capture my memories on camera with a particular interest in nature. I join Facebook in 2007. I thought ‘what a great idea!’, to document my travels online so my friends and family at home can keep updated on my adventures.

I start to post regularly with stories of friendships forged, après parties (I was a good girl honest…!) along with my snowboarding mishaps as I progress from a 30 - year old beginner to a quite a nifty mover. I capture my growing love affair with the mountains.

My account with Instagram followed suite. I continued to share my stories of the places I lived and worked over the years (I have worked abroad on and off for 18 years). I take full advantage of the effortlessness in uploading an image or video from my phone to social media.

With a smartphone in my pocket I could capture life’s special moments in an instant. I would never miss a or beautiful sunset or mountain view after a dump of fresh snow.

Swiss Alps - See more on WhatSheSeeks Instagram

Lets Get Professional

Over the years I have been told I have a great eye for photography. Trusted friends assured me I could easily progress to a professional level as my photos were so perfectly executed

I however put it down to the fact I was lucky enough to live in stunning places which made it a breeze to get a good photo! Whilst it was a wonderful compliment to hear, I never dreamed of taking it seriously. I looked at other photographers and didn’t feel I even scratched the service when I compared my images to theirs. I wasn’t even aware they edited their photos back then!

Fast forward to 2020 and I’m now 6 weeks into

my new blog, a seemingly bite size project that

is more likened to an iceberg!

Two weeks ago, I decided to take the plunge and invest in the Sony Alpha 6400 mirrorless camera. After much deliberation, research and conversations with photographer friends I felt this was the best match for my project. Now I would be flying high with the big boys and taking amazing Instaworthy pictures (this was a momentary spark of enlightenment).

Alpine Parties - Check out some of the stories behind my photos

What She Seeks She Learns

You see, the world of What She Seeks doesn’t quite work like that. It is more a case of what she seeks she then attempts to learn as fast as she can and hope for the best!

For the record, I have never had ANYTHING remotely resembling a professional camera before. I only know how to turn it on and off! (maybe it’s an age thing?) As a product of my technophobia the sparkly new Sony camera is currently nestled in the corner of my room giving off an air of smugness like it knows I have no clue.

I chose the Sony Alpha 6400 partly because it is delightfully compact which is great for popping into my backpack on an adventure

The Sony Alpha is powerful and complex with a wide range of functions for budding photographers but this scares the hell out of me! Naturally my next step was to get a user manual and start learning. Sure, no problem I said! I download a recommended manual. 325 pages later! How much information can there be to learn about one camera I ask myself. How wrong i was!

I have been told by fellow photographer friends that this is the start of a new and exciting chapter in my relationship with photography. That this is the best thing that will happen to me (erm…are you sure?) Easy for them to say!

Recent photograph taken on my Samsung phone

As of today, me and my Sony

camera are still having a stand- off

It is still acting smug in the corner of my room and I am still looking at it from time to time wondering how I will ever give it the justice it deserves. It’s a complicated relationship. For now, my trusted faithful friend, my Samsung smart phone is by my side ready to spring into action and seize the moment.

Watch this space for the next episode of the camera chronicles.

Lisa. x


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