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The Camera Chronicles - Entering The World of Photography.

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Are you thinking of turning your passion for photography and into a full-time hobby? Follow my quest to pursue the skill behind the art. Learn how i move from my trusty smart phone to the Sony Alpha 6400 camera.

Learning the art of photography with Sony Alpha Camera

A love affair with photography

We all love to take photos right? Capturing that special moment on camera allows us to look back and share a memory with loved ones. With the technology of smart phones we have the opportunity take a photo instantaneously and often giving great results. Why bother with a clunky camera when our phones do such a great job?

After relying on a smart phone for my travel photography for many years, i decided to step out of my comfort zone. It was time to give my photos the justice they deserved and dive into mastering the true art of capturing life through the lense.

This blog documents my journey to become a better photographer. The confusion, the frustrations and images captured along the way. I hope my story inspires you to pursue your passion.

Where it all began

Before I begin this story, lets rewind 10 years (ish!). I’m working in a ski resort in the French Alps. The scenery is majestic and awe inspiring with an abundance of photo opportunities.

I begin to capture my travel memories with a particular interest in nature and landscapes. I have always loved being immersed in the great outdoors. I join Facebook in 2007. I thought ‘what a great idea!’. I can document my travels online and my friends and family at home can keep updated on my adventures.

I enjoyed posting regular updates of friendships forged, days out exploring the area along with my snowboarding mishaps. It was a slow progression from a 30 year old beginner to a quite a nifty mover! (a lot of the first sessions were spent on my bum!).

Prior to my first ski season i had never stepped on a snowboard. It was a completely new experience for me.

My love affair with the Alps grew pretty quickly. If you have ever been to the Tyrol region of Austria you will know why. Taking photos in places such as this feels like a privilage.

Snowboarding, alpine sports girl
Me before catching a day out on the slopes

Making friends with social media

Aftering setting up Facebook, my Instagram account followed shortly after that. I continued to share stories of the places I lived and worked over the years (I have worked abroad on and off for two decades).

Uploading photos and videos to social media felt effortlessness and something i could do anywhere. I would never miss documenting a beautiful sunset or snowy mountain view again.

Keep up to date with my latest photos over on What She Seeks Instagram.


The tools of the trade

Over the years I have been told I have a great eye for photography. Trusted friends assured me I could easily progress to a professional level as my photos seems to recieve plenty of attention.

I however put it down to the fact I was lucky enough to live in stunning places which made it a breeze to get a good photo! Whilst it was a wonderful compliment to hear, I never dreamt of taking it seriously.

I looked at other photographers and didn’t feel I even scratched the service when I compared my images to theirs. I wasn’t even aware they edited their photos back then! The smart phone technology does most of the work for you so i didn't need to look into editing applications.

Fast forward to 2020 and I’m now 6 weeks into my new blog, a seemingly bite size project that is more likened to an iceberg!

After much deliberation, I decided to take the plunge and invest in the Sony Alpha 6400 mirrorless camera. It was a pain staking process of scrolling through comparison sites, YouTube reivews and speaking to fellow photographers. I was relieved when i finally made my decision.

Now I would be flying high with the big boys and taking amazing Instaworthy pictures. This was a momentary spark of enlightenment. I knew my triumph would take time an effort.

Why i chose the Sony Alpha 6400

The Sony Alpha 6400 is delightfully compact which is great for popping into my backpack on an adventure. It was important to have something i could travel with that wasn't to cumbersome but the size didn't compromise the camera's functionality.

The Sony Alpha 6400 is powerful and complex with a wide range of functions for budding photographers but this scared the hell out of me!

Naturally my next step was to get a user manual and start learning. Sure, no problem I said! I download a recommended manual. 325 pages later! How much information can there be to learn about one camera I ask myself. How wrong i was!

Check out my photography page for travel captures and seasonal shots.


Seek, learn and grow

The world of What She Seeks works in mysterious ways. It is a case of what she seeks she then attempts to learn as fast as she can and hope for the best!

I have been told by fellow photographers that this is the start of a new and exciting chapter in my relationship with photography. That this is the best thing that will happen to me (erm…are you sure?) Easy for them to say!

I have never had ANYTHING remotely resembling a professional camera before. The thought of it put me off as i know how technical they are and i have always struggled with learning things of that nature.

That said, i felt it was the right time and decision to expand my skill set and put my creativity to the test. It is important to keep learning and developing our skills in life especially if they enable us to inspire others.

Where do i get my inspiration in the photography world?

I have admired many photographers over the years but recently found Nigel Danson who is a landscape photographer with an incredible portfolio. He also has a very popular YouTube channel which is entertaining and educational. Check out Nigel's portfolio here.

Alpine Morzine mountain village in spring time
Capturing Morzine Village in spring time

Am I ready to take photography seriously?

After feeling suitably bemused, i decided to face my fear head on and attempt to understand the basics principles of photography. Afterall, if we don't push ourselves in life we stagnate. Every day should be a school day.

My trusted Samsung Galaxy will always be there for me when i need to capture something impromptu. It has been a loyal friend and one that has taken some great travel shots over the years. My new flashy friend and i are taking it slowly and building a solid foundation for our journey together.

I am trying to be patient and understanding and approach things with an open mind. Yes............i am still talking about my camera but it a little like a real relationship to a photographer! Head over to my next blog to find out where this friendship began to flourish......

Thanks for reading.

Lisa. x


If you're reading this then i have good news!..........i finally plucked up the courage to take my camera out. I have been slowly getting to grips with it and learning some different techniques.

I still have so much to learn about my Sony Alpha 6400 but the reason why i purchased it is because i knew i would grow into it as a photographer. Here is one of the first ever images i took and edited (below).

Read the next chapter in my journey with photography here: The Art of Photography, Creativity & Self Expression.

Photgraphy journey, capturing coastal shots, big wheel
One of the first shots taken on my Sony Alpha


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