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The Pandemic and Pandoras Box

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Has life thrown one to many curveballs at you recently? Are you strugging to see the positives through turbulent times? Find out how to view life with a fresh perspective and rise above the chaos with strength, clarity and optimism.

Coping, mental and emotional health advice

Imagine a time when you have lost everything that made up your current reality. Things that made up your world that you were so used to being there you never paid any thought to how it would it would feel if they suddenly disappeared.

Imagine if you thought life was on track and then piece by piece things fall away and leave an empty vortex where only reflection and introspection are your only friends.

Stop for one minute and imagine what that would feel like? Would you feel complete despair, or would you see it as a sign to gain insight into what your life consisted of?

Could you move past the feelings of loss and seek deeper meaning?

Finding deeper meaning during turbulent times
You have the world in your hands

Be the master of your universe

Our external reality is a construct of the life choices we have made. Of what we want and don’t want in our lives. This experience we call life is solely down to the decisions we have made that brought us to this present moment in time.

Have you heard the phrase ‘there’s no such thing as a coincidence’? . These words speak volumes should we choose to view the events that happen to us as part of our destiny.

When life throws curve balls our way we often view them as a surprise, bad luck or out of the blue…but were they? What if those situations present an opportunity to learn something about ourselves and were simply part of our journey?

Maybe we were living a life that was not in tune with our heart and we needed a push to realign ourselves. Maybe the upheaval could bring about some positives.

When we look back on past turbulent experiences, they were often the catalyst needed to move onto a better path. It just never felt like it at the time.

Two people connecting emotionally, health and wellbeing
Human connection is essential for our mental and emotional wellbeing

The Year the world changed

2020 was a pivotal year for humanity with the pandemic making its mark on each and everyone of our lives. The fabric of society, how we connect, communicate, work and live has evolved into a weird ‘new normal’ that feels unnatural and artificial.

A new normal that involves less touch, controlled human connection and a restricted freedom placed on our lives.

Technology has served us well keeping us connecting to our loved ones. The downside to this digital revolution is that it has also served to disconnect us from everything that is seemingly real. Robbing us of time spent appreciating the wonders of life in 'real time'.

This trend has no intention of slowing down and our love affair with the virtual world seems ever more prevalent since the pandemic. Some would say it has been a welcome support given the chaos playing out in the world and one they couldn't have been without.

People not so fortunate to have loved ones around them bear the weight of isolation and lack of human contact heavy in their hearts. Humans are sociable creatures who seek solace in others to enrich their souls. It’s where we cherish the most joyful moments in our lives.

Since 2020, Covid has opened a pandora’s box of surprises this world has never witnessed before. This storm is not over yet, she still has fire in her belly.

Read about some of the moments that got me through 2020 along with my favourite photos. Harnessing the Power of Perception and Gratitude During Tough Times - My 2020 Highlights.

What Does Pandora's Box Mean?
If someone or something opens Pandora's box or opens a Pandora's box, they do something that causes a lot of problems to appear that did not exist or were not known about before.


Finding meaning in our lives

In the face of adversity, we look for inner strength and better days ahead. We search for meaning and clarity whilst friends casually throw virtual words of comfort to each other across the digital landscape.

Words that if they were expressed face to face would sooth our weary soul far more than a message on a screen. Remember when we hugged a friend without worrying about the consequences? It seems so long ago.

We live our lives through the virtual world only to realise the essence of truly living is offline and in the simple things life has to offer.

The way we deal with ‘pandoras box’ is a personal experience and one that is testament to our resilience as human beings. As the world adapts and evolves through this crisis the way we conduct our lives and connect with each other will be changed forever.

As a species we are evolving and we should be mindful of the world we are shaping for the generations to follow us.

A new world is upon us and we all have a part to play if we want to live together more harmoniously .

Change your perspective

If the pandemic has brought about unexpected changes to your life try and think of it as a lesson and not a curse (easier said than done!). Afterall, you have the power to determine what your reality is and what things you want in it.

What has become increasingly evident is that without each other, without love, friendship, and family this crazy time seems even harder to tame.

So, look out for each other, be kind and view ‘your storm’ as a chance to learn something about yourself.




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Has life thrown one to many curveballs at you recently? Are you strugging to see the positives through turbulent times? Find out how to view life with a fresh perspective and rise above the chaos with strength, clarity and optimism. Read on...

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