The Ultimate Guide to Surviving 2020 – 25 Tips and Ideas to Live Your Best Life

Updated: Sep 25

Are you looking for ways to get back on track in 2020? It’s not too late! Try these 25 simple tips and fun ideas to live your best life from today! Thrive in the face of adversity and create a happier and more productive life.

Covid 19 has thrown the world into chaos and the ‘new normal’ has altered how we live our lives. Despite the obvious effects of the global pandemic, it has allowed time for us to take a step back, slow down and reflect upon our personal situation.

It has given us an opportunity to assess what’s important, what isn’t and also what we would like more of in our lives.

My Story Since Covid19

Since Covid19 entered the world, my life has been drastically altered.

After my winter job I had planned two month’s work at my local hotel then I was due to return to work in the Swiss Alps this summer. I then planned to head out to Greece for a month or so to see some of the Islands (a long-standing dream of mine). I was going to write a blog about how to island hop on a budget.

Sadly, Hospitality and Tourism has took a massive hit and I lost all my work contracts and money to boot (as a season worker I don’t qualify for furlough).

The future of my industry is uncertain, so I am taking a step back and looking at all my options along with the skills I have acquired throughout my life. We have to adapt to a changing economy.

It’s partly why I wanted to create this blog post. I have witnessed first-hand the effects of the pandemic such as people losing their businesses, not able to comfort their loved ones during times of need and the effects lockdown has had on mental health. It’s been a tough year on all of us in so manty different ways.

Survival of the Fittest

I believe through challenging times we need to adapt to survive.

The fabric of the world has changed forever and I for one know how important it is to try and keep positive during these challenging times and look after our health, wellbeing and livelihoods.

This mindset is the driving force behind my 25 tips to live your best life. Despite what life throws at you, I would like you to tackle adversity head on and come out of 2020 winning! Let’s do this!

'My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style' — Maya Angelou


Staycation Ideas

Travel tips for those that can’t travel!

Health & Wellbeing Tips

Creative Projects & Ideas

Ways to Digital Detox

Goal Setting & Vision Boards

25 Ideas to Live Your Best Life!

1. Get creative

Creativity reduces conditions such as stress and anxiety. It also allows you to enter a happy zone and express yourself in ways you never thought of before. What’s not to like? Pick up a paint brush, draw a friends portrait or maybe try your hand at pottery at a local class.

Sky’s the limit when it comes to getting creative!

2. Step out of your comfort zone

As adults, we tend to become creatures of habit. Break the monotony and try something you have never done before. Really challenge yourself and get that adrenaline pumping! Try roller blading (you’re never too old!) or maybe an outdoor fitness class with a friend.

3. Plan a weekend away

Holidays abroad are off the cards for most people this year so a little weekend trip to pastures new will help take your mind off sunnier climates. If you live in the city, head to your nearest country park or if you are already a country bumpkin, head to the bright city lights and enjoy some sight-seeing and a meal out.

There are plenty of fantastic resources to research your Staycation.

Here is a great website with a range of Staycation ideas. Click here to view the 'A Day Out In England' website. 

4. Take up a new hobby

When is the last time you started a new hobby? Mine was during lockdown and that was this blog! Find out why i started What She Seeks Travel and Photography Blog in my first ever blog post 'The Birth of What She Seeks - Journey into The Blogosphere and How I Got Here'.

Starting a hobby is a great way to take your mind of your worry’s and focus on something positive. Have you ever wanted to learn a new language or maybe take an online course and learn a new skill? There are so many great courses out there covering pretty much any topic you can think of.

Take the plunge and sign up to an online course today. Check out over 100,000 online courses from UDEMY here.

5. Practice gratitude

This one may not seem important but during challenging times it is essential to appreciate what we have in our lives rather than focus on what we don’t. There are many ways to practice gratitude from daily affirmations to journaling.

Read here about how practising gratitude in your life can create a more positive mindset.

6. Eat immune system boosting foods

Stress is a major factor in supressing our immune system.

Without a healthy immune system, we are more susceptible to illness and viruses. Eating healthier not only assists in our physical health but also our emotional wellbeing. Take control of some of your unhealthy eating habits and I guarantee you will feel better for it.

Mini tip: Try eating a rainbow of fruit and vegetables in your diet, limiting alcohol and caffeine whilst upping your hydration levels with lots of water.

7. Plan your holiday for 2021

Keep the wanderlust alive by planning your holiday for next year. Whether it’s a chilled-out beach holiday or cultural city trip, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to do some window shopping for fabulous destinations. Maybe plan a trip you have never done before.

Are you missing travelling or had your holiday cancelled? Read my blog post 'Cancelled Travel Plans? - 5 Creative Ideas to Feed your Wanderlust'.

Check out my Pinterest travel board for holiday ideas!

8. Digital Detox - Disconnect from a connected world

Anyone noticed how the news and social media effects your mood? We have become so attached to the digital world it’s hard to unravel from it at times.

Here are a few quick tips to help you detox from an increasingly digital world

Turn off your notifications so your phone isn’t a constant distraction.

Set allocated times to check your phone and social media.


Plan a bedtime routine that doesn’t involve checking your phone before you sleep. Pick up a book instead or put some gentle music on and unwind naturally.

Explain to your friends you are doing a digital detox and that you are contactable at certain times

(Remember the days before smart phones when we had to use a phone box?)

9. Plan a camping trip in nature

Remember how exciting it was to go camping when you were little? Being in nature helps to re-energise and de-stress. It’s also quite romantic sleeping under the stars don’t you think?

Camping under the stars

10. Create your own vision board

Some years ago, I created a vision board which was made up of images and affirmations about the life I wanted. It had travel photos on and an image of a staircase in the middle with each of my goals written on each step. The top step was my goal of moving abroad.

Make your own vision board and manifest your dream life.

Try setting your goal 5 years from now and work backwards planning each step. This will make your end goal feel less daunting. A vision board is a great way to make a goal feel more achievable and realistic.

11. Connect with an old friend

This year has certainly made us cherish our loved ones more than ever. Is there an old friend that you have lost contact with that you miss talking to? Get in touch and rekindle your friendship.

12. Create a photo collage of your holiday memories

Dig out those much-loved holiday snaps and make a collage of your favourite memories. I love Canva for making mine. Try their free 30 day trial here.

13. Live in the moment

We cannot change our past or predict our future. The present moment is all we have.

It is important to appreciate what you have in this moment and stop wishing your life away. It is a futile exercise.

Read about how to live in the moment more here.

14. Start a new business project

It’s never too late to start a new venture whether it is a side hustle or simply a hobby. Maybe you are good at upcycling furniture, sewing or have an eye for home design? Take the plunge and set up a Facebook business page for free and invite your friends and family to it. What have you got to lose?

15. Connect with nature

Take a walk in your local park or if you are lucky enough to live near a beach, go for a swim. Nature is a wonderful therapy when we need to break away from the daily grind.

Check out my blog about one of my nature moments - Portugal Sunsets & Reflections. My Thoughts on Life's Big Questions

Sunsets on my local beach are one of my favourite ways to enjoy nature

17. Take care of your body

My ultimate list wouldn’t be the same without this one! Exercise is essential for increasing our wellbeing and physical health. I have always used the moto ‘Your health is your wealth’. We only have one body so take care of it and give it what it needs to function properly. A car cannot run without fuel. View your body the same way.

18. Photograph something out of the ordinary

As someone who loves photography, I personally get a lot of joy from photographing my daily life. It has recently help me through challenging times.

Try and view your daily chores from a different perspective. Photograph creatively.

Capture your cat sleeping, your children playing or even an interesting building you walk past every day. There is always something beautiful to capture.

I recently found a wonderful photographer who discusses expressive photography. Check out this article from Photography Playground here which discusses ways to be creative with your photos at home.

19. Set realistic goals for the rest of the year

It’s always good to have a plan! We tend to set goals at the beginning of the year but there is no harm in setting smaller, bite size goals to keep focused on a weekly or monthly basis.

Here are some of my goals

Learn to drive (Yes I am taking driving lessons finally!)

Learn more about various shooting modes on my Sony Alpha 6400 camera

Daily check-in-Take 10 to 15 minutes each day to calm my mind and practice gratitude

20. Plan a date night once a week (even if it’s with yourself!)

Break up the week with a special evening with a glass of your favourite vino or dessert and put on a feel-good film. I love Jim Carrey films to cheer me up, especially'Yes Man’. It is a story of a man who decided to get out of his negative mindset and start saying yes to everything. His life becomes transformed but not without some mishaps along the way! It’s a really great film with a positive underlying message.

My Guily Pleasure is salted caramel dark chocolate. What's yours?

21. Learn a new skill

Whether you are thinking of a career change or upgrading your existing skillset, sharpening your toolbox is always a good thing. What have you always wanted to learn but never gotten around to? Why not learn something the complete opposite to what you do in your job.

22. Cook something extraordinary

Are you in a culinary rut? Try cooking a dish from your favourite holiday destination and wow your friends and family. You could even pair it with a local wine and authentic music to really impress!

Check out my Pinterest World Travel Food board for some culinary delights and recipe ideas.

23. Be a local for a day where you live

Plan a day out as a tourist. Try viewing things with a different perspective and visit historic sites or landmark buildings. Visit a local tea-room or café that you have been to. You could even visit an off the beaten track area and take some really interesting photos.

There's a story to tell on every corner of our world.

24. Declutter your living space

My moto has always been tidy house, tidy mind. Clear out that cluttered cupboard or loft and refresh your living space. Decorate that room you planned on doing last year or make up a bag of unwanted clothes and give to a local charity.

A clear and relaxing living space is essential when the outside world is turbulent.

25. Write a journal / Start a blog!

Finally……… If you have something interesting to talk about then why not set up a blog? Nowadays there is a blog out there for every topic and on things you wouldn’t believe could be written about in great length! I set up a travel and photography blog during a pandemic and travel restrictions but hey….that didn’t stop me.

Have these tips helped you?

Which one resonated with you the most? I would love to hear your comments below or pop me a message on any one of my social media platforms or email me. It would be amazing to hear from you.


Action for Happiness is a great site with lot’s of community initiatives and courses. Print this off : 10 Keys To Happier Living:

Mindfulness is a technique used to calm the mind and live more in the present. Take a look at this website:

UK Staycation ideas are available on my Pinterest board:

A brilliant article discussing the benefits of a digital detox:

Volunteer Opportunities in the UK:


My New Blog - What I've Learnt in The First Three Months as a Travel Blogger




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