World Environment Day 5th June 2020 - My Thoughts

Updated: Jul 25

We all have a unique relationship with nature with some taking more from the planet than others. What does World Environment Day mean to you? Here's my take.

Today is World Environment Day. This raises a lot of mixed emotions that I feel I need to explain. Nature and the environment have always been something close to my heart.

I studied Geography at University, I volunteered for Friends of the Earth and throughout my life I have tried to be kind and mindful to nature. To respect her

One of the key aspects of my blog is to showcase my photography and beautiful landscapes. Everytime i capture a sunset or a stunning mountain view i feel eternally grateful to be able to witness such awe inspiring places. Today i sit here reflecting on everything this planet has gone through, about the animals that are now extinct and the turbulent relationship between man and nature. Some of us try to live in harmony with our natural environment, others don't care and feel it is there to serve us. Some just keep taking like it is a bottomless resource.

It is a complex relationship that has been tested to the limit in the past 100 or so years with the impact of human activity and population growth.

Seal enjoying the morning sunshine at my home town beach during lockdown

Taking a Positive From Covid19 & Lockdown

One of the positive things to come out of lockdown was the fact nature had time to breath, time to restore. Now things are moving again and lockdowns being eased across the planet, my thoughts turn to our natural environment. The sky, the sea and the animals. To the diverse, beautiful landscapes this place we call home has given us when we were happy to just keep taking.

This has got to be the best example of unconditional

love right?

Everything humans take for granted such as the air we breath, the food to nourish our body and the water we need for our survival. Without this we wouldn't be here.

So today, I feel both sad and humbled to be part of this beautiful place. I am sad because of the loss this planet has suffered at our hands but i am equally humbled to be alive to appreciate it and all its magnificence

My hope for the future is that more people will begin to respect and appreciate what we have here. After all, it's the only place we have to live.


#worldenvironmentday #lovenature #savetheplanet

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