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As a seasoned traveler, I have over 20 years experience working and living abroad with over 25 years in Travel Hospitality. I have worked in the French, Swiss & Austrian Alps on and off for 18 years and now specialize in the luxury sector. I am also self-employed offering Hospitality & Marketing Services to small businesses.

I am also interested in connecting with fellow bloggers within my niche for guest blog spots, backlinks and other opportunities. Please contact me using the form below.​ 

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Services offered:

Content Creation - Photography

Brand Ambassadorships

Marketing Services & Support

Social Media Strategy & Support

Hotel/Restaurant/Niche Product Reviews

Collaborations with fellow bloggers




Photography By Lisa Wilson

I have always loved capturing images of my travels with a particular interest in landscape scenery. I am currently trying out new techniques with my Sony Alpha 6400 and plan to use my blog as a platform for my work.  You can view some of my images over on my Photography page, Flickr and Instagram.

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Find out more about Rebloom Music 

I asked Lisa if she could help me with setting up my new website and social media for Rebloom Music.  I have known Lisa for 15 years and knew she would be fab at supporting my project.  I needed ideas on content along with the advice on the look and feel of my website.  She created a plan straight away and we had weekly catch ups to ensure we were on track.  She gave fantastic advice on colours and creative photo ideas.  Lisa’s experience in marketing was amazing and she provided ways to ensure my website would get seen by relevant viewers.  In addition, she worked on the content for my website and gave me tips on how to manage my social media platforms.  Lisa has continued to support me with my next single release too – with advice on pitching ideas, industry trends and networking with others.  If you are looking to collaborate with someone who is hardworking, creative, professional, and fun, then Lisa is the one you need by your side! 

Sam Gallimore, Songwriter, Rebloom Music

Supportive & Fun To Work With


Find out more about Guided Mind Clearance! 

I have worked with Lisa on several projects over the years having first formed our friendship in the Austrian Alps in 2003. Lisa has such a creative and passionate personality that has helped us bounce ideas of each other and come up with exiting ideas over the years. She has recently written a guest blog for one of my projects, Guided Mind Clearance and she always claims I am the inspiration behind her starting her blog!


Daniella Nason, Guided Mind Clearance Practitioner


Find out about Vaughan’s work on his website! 

I have known Lisa for over 20 years and recently re-connected through our mutual passion for photography and travel. She has a natural talent for photography which allows her to capture some stunning landscape images. As a professional photographer and film editor, I asked Lisa to take part in a few of my recent projects as I felt her creative input would be of value. Anyone working on any collaborations that need an energetic dynamic should definitely consider hiring this lady!


Vaughan Capstick, Writer & Performer

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